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About News


eNotes 2018 Training tour

The new eNotes 2018 is available and the training tour is coming soon in Quebec. Click on the link for more information.


eNotes 2018

The new version of eNotes will be available in september 2017!


Telus Health

Telus Health and Chirosoft are now linked! You will be able to submit automatically to the insurance company of your clients. Contact Dorso Informatique for more informations and to subscribe : (418) 476-1681.


A lower price with our new SMS Supplier

You can save on your SMS fees with our new SMS provider. (ACCESMS) Contact us for more information


Online appointment soon!!

We are working on integrating gorendezvous in Chirosoft so that your patients can book their appointment online

Designed by a chiropractor for chiropractors


Dr. Denis Perron


Chirosoft is owned and designed by Dr Denis Perron D.C. A 1990 Palmer College graduate, he practices in Quebec, Canada.

Chirosoft was launched in Sept 1998. Since then, new versions and new modules have been developed and are continually being updated to be more and more adjusted to the constantly evolving chiropractor's needs.

Chirosoft in Australia and New


Dr. Pascal Barrette
Chiropractor D.C.

Dr Pascal Barrette, a 1996 Palmer College graduate, started using Chirosoft in 2004 while practicing in Montréal, Canada.  In 2008, he launched Chirosoft in Australia and New Zealand, he is now Managing Director of Chirosoft Australia and New Zealand.